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#tbt2011 Excuse me for the dress code, but this girl is on FIRE!!!! We did this photo session back in 2011 with gorgeous South Florida model and a dancer Julia and amazing and talented make up artist Florencia. We wanted to shoot something different and artistic with bright make up and revealing outfits. Every woman needs at least one sexy photo of herself, as sort of a reminder of a time when she felt sexy, confident and powerful. At my 30th I understood it, and did a lot of boudoir and implied type of pictures of myself to capture me the way I remember myself and feel up to these days. Having the courage to do a boudoir photo shoot once means that the subject will have those photos forever. SI am offering boudoir photo sessions for those who is brave enough and those wants to give a perfect Valentine's gift to their boyfriend or husband. Offering $50 off if you mention this ad.

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