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Christmas Photo Sessions

From Zoya Atlanta:

"If you are like me, you have thousands of pictures on your phone. And while they do capture some important moments of my family life, hardly any of them end up framed on the wall, or even as a wallpaper on my phone. They are too mundane and raw, they are missing that magical artistic quality, which would truly please the eye time and time again. That’s what I come to Svetlana Kretova Chapman for.

There are many good photographers out there, who know how to work the camera and produce quality shots, but Svetlana offers more. I am so grateful for her work, that I want to share it with others and explain why she is different in my experience from many others I worked with.

BEAUTIFUL LOOK To give a sense of harmony and magic, everything in the picture should be connected and create a certain theme. It’s too hard for most people to come up with an idea and then fulfill it with the right clothes, accessories and backgrounds. Svetlana takes care of that by offering a choice of incredible dresses and costumes for kids and adults, and a choice of 5 studio scenes. The last shoot we did was for Thanksgiving and Christmas and the pictures look like they are from a glamorous magazine centerfold, I just couldn’t believe when I saw them. These are definitely getting printed for us and our relatives!

THE ATMOSPHERE OF FUN & ADVENTURE Photoshoot can be stressful. We are worried about how we look, not sure how to pose, not sure what we want to do next. What I love about working with Svetlana ©SKCphotography Mini Sessions and Specials, is her calm and positive attitude, that of an experienced physician. She guides me through the process easily, offering help and tips at every step, from what to wear and picking the right accessories, to posing, all while cheering me up and making it all an exciting play, an adventure. It helps me relax and open up. It is so important, because our energy will show up in the pictures, and will often determine how much we like them and whether we want to share them.

PHOTOS NOW, NOT IN A MONTH OR TWO If you have done photoshoots before, then you know how annoying it is to wait for weeks or even months to see you pictures. We live in the world of “instant gratification” and this feels like such a disconnect. Getting Christmas shots in March? No thank you! )

Svetlana uses top-of-the-line lighting and photo equipment to ensure that only minimal, if any, touch up is needed for pictures to look fabulous. It gives two great benefits:

1. More natural pictures with less “plastic” effect you see in heavily processed shots.

2. It allows Svetlana to give pictures almost immediately after the shoot! I got mine in just 2 days and it is so satisfying! Never in my experience did any photographer come close to this timeframe (two weeks was the fastest, and usually it was 30+ days). I personally find this to be very important, and it’s just another aspect of Svetlana’s exceptional service.

Svetlana’s service is not cheap. Good things usually aren’t. I wrote the details above so you understand why I personally think it’s worth it. When people see the pictures they go, “Wow!”, and often ask for the reference. The photos she makes are truly special, and only such photos remain with us for years to come. With us and with those, who want to remember us."

It's always so much appreciated to receive such a feedback about my work. Just wanted to share with you.


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