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Finally, getting myself out there and starting my blog! Get my hot tea ready, pick the piece of chocolate that will please my palate, focus on inspirational ideas and GO!

I love what I do. I loved it since I had my first camera at my early 20s. Everywhere I travel I HAVE to have it, otherwise my trip was not very interesting. I saw everything through the lens of my camera whether it was a local trip, trip abroad, a beautiful and exotic flower, or a person.

My husband ( thank you for that ) was always very patient and supportive with me even though it slowed our trip down. One day he presented me with my very first camera a Canon 40D which I didn't even know how to use. That's how my journey to real photography started...

Did I mention that I did some modeling WAY back in my past ( 2007-2008 ). So saying that, my first and best photographers that I shot with taught me here and there. They were my inspiration and teachers. When I picked up my camera and started shooting my friends and family I always had their techniques in my mind. I shot lots of beauty and artistic, fashionable images that I am going to introduce you with here in my blog. They were my visions and inspirations. But, most important, I had passion and lots of fun shooting them with help of great make up artist and a dearest friend Florencia Clement de Grandprey ( who is now becoming a great artist that shows in galleries in south Florida, and hair stylist Ricco Rolland.

This was my very first recognized image by photographers and models. It was posted in Model Mayhem and One Model Place back in 2008, and it received the showcase.

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